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Meet The Founders


Mark Lorello & Pablo Castro


Growing up, one of our favorite childhood memories has always been the main source that always stood by our side. Our dogs! We both were raised around families who admired dogs. It was only in our blood to love them and embrace them as our best friends and that's what lead us into starting The Real Frenchie Plug. 

French Bulldogs have been the main source in our lives because of how family oriented this breed is. "We love dogs that are great around people and kids" Founder Mark Lorello stated. "Each and every dog that we breed isn't just a dog, it's our family." Founder Pablo Castro stated. 


Mark Lorello started breeding Pit bulls in Burbank, CA in the early 80's. The dogs that he owned were very well known around the Los Angeles surrounding areas for climbing trees and pulling bricks out of the water. After Burbank CA, he then decided to relocate to Texas in 1996 where he then continued the breeding industry with high quality French Bulldogs. All of our dogs are DNA and health tested to ensure the value. 



Pablo Castro has always had a unique bond with dogs. After experiencing a tragic incident at a young age he then bonded with one particular dog that changed his life, and within that moment he realized his bond for dogs had been created. Pablo received his first litter of puppies at 14 years old and has enjoyed watching them grow up and discover their own personalities. 8 years later, Pablo started breeding with Pocket Bullies which had an amazing outcome but directed him into a new breed to start breeding which led him into the French Bulldog industry. 

"French Bulldog's are great dogs that love to be next to somebody at all times. This breed is what makes a great best friend for all ages." -Pablo Castro



Our misson

Our mission is to breed Quality, Beautiful, Socialized puppies.

We are not a kennel!